Best Wine Cooling Units


It is of vital importance to consider both the quality and price of a wine cooling unit when shopping for the best model that’s suitable for your wine cellar. In the end, getting the most favorable temperature conditions for storing your wine largely depends on the features that come with the wine cooler you have chosen to install.

In order to help you decide which wine cooling system to buy that will both fit your needs and fall within your budget, these reviews will guide you through comparing a few of the most popular brands of cooling units available and the various models they offer that will fit your needs.


WhisperKool Wine Cooling Systems


WhisperKool is an international manufacturer of top quality wine coolers and accessories. Their wine cooling units can accommodate wine cellars from 300 to 2,000 cubic feet in size. Whisperkool offers a wide range of selection of their wine coolers to get the best temperature and humidity level required in your cellar.  You can choose from their self-contained, split, and fully ducted systems that can fit the requirements of any size wine cellar.

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CellarPro Wine Coolers


Made in the USA, these stylish and compact wine cooling systems have the capacity to cool wine cellars from 200 up to 1500 cubic feet. CellarPro offers a wide selection of wine cooling units ideal for small to large wine cellars, ranging from their self-contained or split systems. Specially designed for Through-the-Wall installation, the CellarPro wine coolers are not supposed to be ducted except in combination with the in-line fan.

CellarPro wine coolers feature an advanced technology for controlling and maintaining the proper room humidity and maximum performance that can handle cold and hot environments alike. They have oversized compressor coils for additional cooling efficiency and accurate temperature control for a consistent and reliable wine storage conditions.

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Wine Guardian Wine Cooling Units


Exceptionally efficient and elegantly designed best describes Wine Guardian wine cooling units. These top quality wine coolers are easy to install and provides options of through-the-wall or ducted installations or a combination of both. Wine Guardian even stated that some of the features they offer will not be found on other manufacturers’ units. Their focus is on first-class wine cooling systems that can accommodate commercial or residential professional wine cellars. Wine Guardian wine cooling systems are specially designed to operate in hot or cold temperatures.

Wine Guardian wine cooling units come in different types and in four sizes to suit any wine cellar or storage requirements and they are the following:

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CellarCool Wine Cooling Units


One of the leading manufacturers of wine cooling units is the CellarCool company. Their products are exclusively made in the USA and they have been manufacturing high quality wine coolers for more than twenty years now. Wine Cooler wine cooling units are designed to provide cooling efficiency and they offer different models suitable to any climates around the world.

There are the two types of CellarCool wine cooling units, the Self-Contained, Through-the-Wall Systems and the Split Systems. Each type has several different models to suit any wine cellar needs.

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