Wine Storage Coolers

NewAir AW-181EInvesting in a wine storage cooler is very important if you are planning to store and chill your collection of fine wines. A wine storage cooler, also sometimes referred to as a wine refrigerator or wine chiller, is a great alternative for keeping your wines under the best storage conditions.

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Wine storage coolers are usually stand alone units that are designed to cool your wines at a consistent temperature, more often to make them suitable for serving rather than for long-term storage. These wine coolers are great to accommodate your wines during parties or just casual occasions when you need to enjoy a bottle or more of wine.

Wine storage coolers feature either units with pre-set temperature controls or those that have a twin cooling system. Usually, units with pre-set controls are what the majority of small wine collectors need.

For storing more wine bottles like a wine collection, two different levels of temperatures are needed to be set in two different sections of the wine cooler so a twin cooling system is recommended. In both types of wine coolers, an auto-defrost feature is important to keep the wine bottles free from frost.

Compared to standard refrigerators, wine storage coolers are designed with accurate specifications and high quality materials are used for insulation. Temperature is precisely maintained at 50°F-55°F for red wines and 45°F or below for white wines. Humidity level controlled is at 60-70%. Your wines might spoil if you do not keep them in a proper wine storage cooler.

There are many factors you have to consider when choosing to buy a wine storage cooler. Knowing the important facts can help simplify and narrow down your choices. The following are some of the important things to look for when choosing a wine storage cooler.

1. Design

Investing in a stylish and elegant wine storage cooler is also as important as the fine wines it will store and protect. Aside for being attractive, the wine storage cooler should also be easy and convenient to install.

2. Features

Look for the most features that is worth the money you are investing in a wine storage cooler. Some of the features to look for are:

  • Quality and durability
  • Dual or single chilling zones
  • Digital or manual temperature controls
  • Cooling technology used
  • Aluminum interior lining with textured surface
  • Roll-out shelves
  • UV protected, tinted glass doors (although non glass doors provide better insulation against damaging light)
  • Room Capacity – 6-12 wine storage cooler is a great space-saver if you do not have much available space in the room; if you are not a frequent wine drinker, then a single or double bottle wine storage cooler is just the right one for you.
  • Bottle Capacity – If you want a dual zone wine storage cooler, know the bottle capacity allotted in each zone. Bottles also differ in size and it is wise to check the average bottle size that the wine cooler can hold. It is also very important to buy a wine storage cooler that can accommodate twice the number of wine bottles you currently have.
  • Check if the compressor and shelves have shock-mount to prevent noise and vibration that will damage the wine
  • Additional wine storage cooler alarm and warning system to indicate if temperature is not right, if humidity level is not controlled, or if the wine cooler door is not properly closed
  • Price – Look for a wine storage cooler with all the features you desire for a reasonable price. Wine storage coolers that are cheap can sometimes be unreliable, so make take the time to shop around for a good quality wine storage cooler that is easy on your budget.
  • Great customer service and support

After you have narrowed down your choices and settled on the wine storage cooler you have selected, find out how and where you want to install the wine cooler in your house. A lot of wine storage coolers are designed specifically for a certain type of location. Ask yourself if the unit should be freestanding, self-contained, under the counter or counter top model.

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Wine storage coolers come in different designs, sizes, and prices, providing storage from a single to multiple bottles of wine. Big or small, the perfect wine storage cooler should provide the ideal storage and chilling you need for your precious wine bottles.

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